Stage Stop Recording Studio – New Sound Services!

stage stop hayloft music recording studioThe Stage Stop is now offering a fully equipped full-service recording studio, featuring a full array of live and studio sound equipment!

The sound engineer is Sean Harper, who has worked closely with international acts, rock and roll hall of famers, grammy award winning producers, and local acts. We can do jingles for adds, vocal voice overs, scores for movies, live bands at live shows, and multi-track recording!

“The acoustics of the Stage Stop Hayloft make for an outstanding recording studio — it’s a giant asymmetrical wooden room — it doesn’t get any better than that. I know grammy award winners who would kill for a room like this”, says head engineer Sean Harper.

For more information contact Heather at the Stage Stop at 303-258-0649 or Sean Harper at 303-618-4338.

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