Rollins Pass – Turn West at the Stage Stop

Rollins Pass (11,600) is one of the most famous continental divide crossings in the Colorado Rockies. And did you know, there's a (rough) 2-wheel drive road nearly to the top? The road follows the old railroad grade, passable to the Needle Eye Tunnel (visible above the lake in the photo), which is now closed due to a rock fall.

Needle Eye Tunnel on Rollins Pass Road

On the far side of the tunnel, the old railway grade climbs steadily to Rollins Pass (right side of the photo, below). Old trestles cross  the rock slides on the face of the ridge, with James Peak towering in the background.

Rollins Pass Road to Rollins Pass, James Peak behind

To get to Rollins Pass, drive west from Rollinsville on a gravel road, passing the ghost town of Tolland and ending at the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel. The Rollins Pass Road starts about 1/2 mile before the tunnel entrance.

"The Moffat Road" is the official website of the Denver and Salt Lake Historical Society and the Rollins Pass Restoration Association. A Google search of the Tolland ghost town and Rollins Pass will turn up some interesting info!

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