History of the Stage Stop, Rollinsville

Stage Stop historyThe Stage Stop located in Rollinsville, CO, was originally a Toll Gate Barn for the Butterfield Stage Coach Company, which ran stage coaches across the divide at Rollins Pass, providing service from Denver, Golden, Central City, Nederland, Boulder and Estes Park.

The barn was constructed in 1868 using rough hewn post and beam construction – look for the wooden pegs connecting the timbers! The timbers were hauled out of virgin forests.

The mahogany back bar,  over 150 years old,  was transported from Liberty Missouri to Leadville, to Breckenridge, and finally to the Stage stop.

In 1928, Rollinsville boasted three saloons, a pool hall, a blacksmiths shop, grocery store, an ice-house and a dance hall. A fire in the 1950s wiped out many of the original buildings in Rollinsville. The Stage stop was one of the few buildings to survive the fire.

In 1962, the “Stage Stop Tavern” was also a dance hall. The building was converted to the present Stage Stop Inn in 1972.

During its history, the Stage Stop housed a variety of businesses, including a barber shop in 1925, a grocery store, and a boarding house (Prospector, 1972). The building currently operates as a restaurant, bar, and nationally known bluegrass music venue (Cotter, 1962, Cooper, 2007).

Today the tradition continues with the finest local, regional and national touring acts. As the old slogan goes   ” The Stage Stop …  serving hicks, hippies and bikers since 1868.” There is only one Stage Stop.

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