You Better get out to The Stage Stop this Weekend to Check out these AMAZING Bands, DELICIOUS Dinner & Brunch Specials & the Aspen Leaves!

It just might be the PEAK weekend for checking out the Changing Aspen Leaves! So come to The Stage Stop and check out our AMAZING Dinner Specials & These FANTASTIC Bands!!!

                  Tonight @ 9 pm, Swamp Punk from Denver~ Champagne Charlie!!!

champagne charlie

Champagne Charlie combines elements of Jazz, Blues, Waltz, Dark Folk and Punk Rock to create their own musical gumbo. While the band plays a drinking man’s music, Ryan “Peepers” King sings with the gravelly delight of a parched throat encased in a sailor’s bones about love, loss, damnation, and a lack of forgiveness.

Saturday Night @ 9 pm Local Musicians & Your FAVORITE Bartender’s Band~ MALAI LLAMA!!!

malai llama

The Malai Llama is a 5-piece instrumental band that combines genres like jazz, rock, and electronica in a psychedelic fusion . Each show is heightened by the energy and passion they pour into their music. The Malai Llama push musical boundaries by combining the real energy of instrumentation with the electronic exploration of synthesizers, turntables and samples in dynamic song structures. People all around Colorado have been moving their feet to their grooves.

                                      Sunday Afternoon @ 2 pm Gent Treadly!!!


GT has gone down countless roads, burst several hundred blood vessels, stormed the gates of heaven and sustained inestimable loss during its 14 years as a band. Having toured with the late great Vince Welnick of The Grateful Dead for many years, Gent Treadly continues to carry the flame – a diehard acolyte in search of the ultimate groove

                            Brunch Specials~ Eggs Benedict -or- Homemade Biscuits & Gravy

                           Dinner Specials~ Lump Crab Cakes, Shrimp-n-Grits -or- Surf-n-Turf

Just a Little Glimpse of what the Aspens are Looking like right now to get ya’ll up here for rounds of Beauty!!!

aspen leaves

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Dawn Vickery

Love the mix of mountains & music.